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21 02 2009

gallierTravian is a browser game with a world full of thousands of users who all begin as the leaders of small villages. This game is really good game. There are three tribes in Travian: Romans, Gauls, and Teutons. Each tribe has its own special advantages and disadvantages. The unit types are also substantially different between tribes. Because of these tribal traits, it is important to choose your tribe wisely at the beginning of the game so that you have one which fits your play style. i am ONLY  post Gaul Guide.

Aggressive Gaul Guide

This guide is for player’s who have a good understanding of the game, and this is the way I have played as gaul on many servers with great success. I’m not saying this is the best guide you will find, and it may be completely different to many other top players, but it’s how I’ve consistently been a top 100 player on many servers including Germany, Italy, U.S. and .com. First of all you need a great understanding of a teutons style of play, it will help a lot if you’re an
aggressive teuton player. As a gaul these are you’re biggest rival so you will need to know exactly how they work. I’m an aggressive teuton at heart but play gaul because of one unit the almighty Theutates Thunder (TT). Having these early will strike fear into the hearts of teutons without spears and own roman’s with no walls and high cost troops.

I’ll just go into a little more details about these guys to get everyone into the mindset that these guys are macemen for gaul’s, only stronger and faster and should be treated just like kamikaze macemen. I’ve heard people say that these guys are expensive early on because they take over 14 successful raids to pay for themselves, and the maceman takes a little over 4 successful raids. However, what you’re forgetting is that they are nearly 3 times faster so by the time macemen are on his 5th raid for profit, the TT will be close to his 14th. So really they aren’t that expensive after all. Travian has a lot to do with TIME and often people forget this, I’ll show more examples of this throughout this guide. Back onto the TT, Once you finally get these guys into production you can match the growth of a teuton, They are the best raiders in the game by making more res per hour than any other unit, but their defense is low so don’t keep these guys at home, keep them out raiding continuously. If your TT’s are just sitting there they are loosing you recourses, each TT can make at least 50 resources per hour with bad farming if you have 100 that’s 5000 resources per hour minimum wasted. This is why you can benefit greatly as a dual. If you want to be a top 20 gaul you need to have your account as close you can to 24/7 active. For this guide to be really successful it will require you to be very active, most of the time I’ve used this strategy playing a dual account.

Gaul Troops
Phalanx ()
These are the core of the Gaul’s defense as they dominate early game defense being the cheapest defense units to build eventually being phased out in defense by roman praetorians later on in the game. They are terrible at attack but unfortunately need to be used for raiding at startup before TT’s,

Swordsman ()
Most powerful infantry of Gaul’s, 5 attack points more than a teuton axemen, but 5 points less than a roman imperian. However, they build a lot faster than imperians and in the time it takes to build 3 imperians a gaul can build 4 swords. Faster production will matter later in the game with your hammer when you have both level 20 barracks and level 20 great barracks queued for the next 24hrs. They’re also great for attacking teutons with their poor infantry defense.

Pathfinder ()
They’re faster than the roman and teuton scout but 2 wheat consumption sucks, if possible do a trade with a teuton to get their 1 wheat scout to defend your village.

Theutates Thunder ()
No 1 raider. Without this unit gaul’s would be nothing, they are responsible for a lot of your income you can never have enough of these, raid everywhere get a tournament square and raid the quadrant, a swarm of these can put even the most experienced player in a state of panic.

( )
Combine these with Phalanx for defense. Their speed make’s them great for fast defense for allies, way better than Paladin defense wise.

Haeduan ()
This strong cavalry unit is not as strong as TK’s but not far off. Use these in your hammer with swords and don’t fall into the trap of using TT’s for your main hammer as I have seen many people do this. You can build these in around the same time as a TT and you’ve got 50 more attack points. Their strong cavalry defense means you shouldn’t have many gaul’s hitting you with a fast attack of TT’s. This also makes them great for fast defense of allies.

The weakest attack power of all the tribes this doesn’t mean a lot because you don’t attack with only ram’s, as it’s always accompanied with troops. What this does mean though is you should never use gaul’s to build a WW Wall Destroyer because less of them will get through.

Trebuchet ()
Gaul catapult’s have great attack points over teutons, this makes gauls great for building a WW Hammer more about this later.

Cheiftan ()
These cost more than other tribes chiefs and is less effective in lowering loyalty but if cost is an issue then you shouldn’t be building them yet, move’s faster than other chiefs but doesn’t outweigh the higher cost and lower effectiveness in loyalty.

Settler ( )
Cheaper than other settler unit’s but not enough to make much of a difference

Gaul’s are the masters of speed and are the most balanced tribe, they aren’t the best defenders overall or the best attacker’s overall but they can play either aggressive or defensive successfully.

Starting your new Gaul account
As a gaul I like to start my account the day it begins you want to wait about an hour, this is so I can be a bit away from the center of the map. Your farming grounds will eventually be further away so being as far out as possible will help. Your starting position is very important but because you’ve started so early a lot of it will be left up to chance, what you want is a lot of roman’s, a few tuetons, and not many gaul’s. Don’t worry about croppers at this stage, but a few oasis in your area wouldn’t hurt, once you are happy with the area you can begin.

Timeline’s here are for normal speed unless stated adjust accordingly for speed

Days 1-3 while in BP
This is the easy part, just follow the quest. Using gold for the production bonuses will make it a bit quicker. When you get up to the quest where your waiting for the rat to arrive upgrade more fields to 1 as you will have to do this later on. Choose the military option but don’t do the final quest telling you to upgrade all field to 2, instead build more phalanx

Days out of BP
As a gaul the very first thing you want are TT’s and the journey to get them will be very time consuming and tedious, here is the best way I’ve found to get them. If you’re playing a dual you should be aiming to get these 6-7 days after the start of a normal speed server. Raid, raid, raid with phalanx, don’t build any fields as they are useless, here’s why.
Raising a wheat field from level 1 to level 2 will cost 415 recourses for a gain of 4 res per hr
Training a phalanx will cost 315 recourses and will make about 20 res per hr (assuming that the average raid is roughly a 90min return trip)
So even though phalanx are shocking as raiders they still bring in 5x more res than fields. Because or their poor attack points you don’t want to encounter troops so raid inactive’s with a pop under 9 so you can be sure there are no troops or rats. The best way I’ve found is to send them on a constant loop to all the inactive’s. 3 at a time will stop teutons from raiding them. If a teuton keeps getting minimal bounty from an inactive they usually give up. That’s probably not going to be enough to get you your TT’s fast. Next have a look at all the teutons in your area and look up their offensive rateing. If they have a few attack points you can be sure they are out raiding. That’s a good thing as it means they most likely have killed the rats and troops at the roman’s villages. Now you can put romans on your raiding list but don’t hit them as often as the inactive’s. You don’t want them deleting. If you’re in an alliance this early keep an eye on the attack logs at what the teutons are raiding. Usually they don’t mind you raiding their farms since you are hardly taking anything anyway. Only build enough phalanx as you need to get your TT’s a fast as possible you don’t want an army of phalanx for raiding and keep them on the move all the time send them on long raids when you need to sleep. Early on you want to get your marketplace built so you can use NPC merchant to redistribute you res, and once that is built then build an embassy, this is not for the purpose of joining an alliance yet this is for the 5CP it makes each day, I would wait till you get a 2nd village then join an alliance in the top 10.

If a teuton comes to visit you’re village don’t defend the attack just make sure he goes home empty handed, you only need to have your cranny at a level where you can protect yourself. If he continues coming back over and over and getting nothing bite your tongue and get ready for the day you turn the tide with your TT’s. As much as you will want to research and build swords to fight back stick with the TT plan it will be much more satisfying.

TT’s have arrived
The day you get your first TT’s into production will be very satisfying and time to gain ground on those teutons. Continue raiding with phalanx and TT’s until you have around 10 of them. Then research scouts and build a hero’s mansion and make a TT hero more about this later. If you are being harassed by a teuton you’ve finally got the power now to stick it to him here’s how to do it.

Build a trapper to about level 3 with 30 traps wait for that teuton to arrive, make sure to have just a few phalanx but not too many as it’s pointless defending an army of 200. When he comes trap his troops and he will then send more troops to free them. Wait for 90 secs (so the attack isn’t canceled) and release the imprisoned troops. Then 1 second after you’ve released them send your TT hero and a few TT’s (not all of them incase he has strong defense) and 1 phalanx to slow them all down. If all goes well he will see the attack and assume it’s an army of phalanx hopefully he will bring in more macemen to defend. Then BOOM you hit him with your TT’s and wipeout all the released mace’s and hopefully more. Meanwhile back at your village you capture more mace’s and release them to chase them home and make sure your TT’s hit 1 sec after they land back at his home. Then raid him every few minute’s or so with 5 TT’s for the next hour until you start losing them to spears (this is not so much for recourses it’s to wipe out their army and demoralize them). By using this technique on one server 1 was able to wipe out 300 macemen using only 30 TT’s. If you want to take out more teutons always send 1 phalanx with TT’s for the first attack. They often try to defend the attack with mace’s not knowing it’s TT’s. The earlier you have TT’s the better this works as they don’t expect TT’s for a few weeks into the server.

Second Village
To get your 2nd village you need 2000CP on normal speed so focus on getting a town hall built and throwing your 1st party. Slowly build up your TT’s till you have around 150-200 and 20-30 scouts. While you are doing this don’t waste your time on building recourse fields past level 2, and no wheat unless it’s required. With your wheat you should be running negative, if your not in negative wheat your doing it wrong and wasting time when you could be working to your 2nd village. By now if you’ve made good progress you will dominate your 13×13 and if you’ve got a 24/7 account there will only be a few teutons with 2nd villages and you will only be 3-4 days behind them. As soon as your 1st party stops throw another to keep this cycle of endless party’s going continuously as you can never have enough CP. If you are receiving incoming attacks chase them home with your TT’s the second after they return to their village and keep farming them from then on till they put up some decent defense. Don’t research swords just yet unless you are under heavy fire from a teuton with spears in defense, in that case you may need to skip the second village and go for cats which is a major pain to need to do this in your spawn village. Once your parties are taken care of if any of your settlers are in training you need to decide what type of gaul player you want to be here are some options;

Defensive Gaul
Because of the cheap defense of phalanx and the fact that they have the best mobile defense, having a nominated defensive player in an alliance can be extremely useful to protect members of your alliance, especially at war. Being ahead of most of the players on the server you would be perfect to be the nominated defensive coordinator. you can expect many recourse drives from your alliance to build troops and you will have a massive amount of defense to take down any hammer. Basically if your in a top alliance you’re almost unstoppable, however you’re going to need your account close to 24/7 and have you’re eyes glued to the alliance attack page and lots and lots of communication with everyone.

WW hammer builder

This is for the gaul that wants to build a massive offensive hammer for the only purpose of damaging a WW village. For doing this you will definatly want a 15c capital with at least 125% wheat oasis and lots of iron and clay feeders. As said earlier don’t build a WW wall destroyer as gaul rams are too weak, leave that to the teutons. If you build your empire far away from other players you won’t need much defense and you can focus more on hammer production. Great barracks and great stable in your hammer production village are a must along with tournament square and lots of granaries. Don’t let anyone know the size of your hammer or let anyone know which village its being built in. If they know your enemy’s will do all they can to conquer it. This is what a gaul WW hammer can look like on speed;
100k – Swordsman
40k – Haeduan
6-8k – Trebuchet
These numbers are small when compared to the defense of a WW village. When it comes time to attack the WW village you shouldn’t target the WW when it’s at a high level as cats won’t do much damage, instead target the Great warehouse. It will hurt them more.

Aggressive Gaul
This is for the gaul that’s not interested in playing defense, and not interested in moving out into the boonies and simming to build an almighty hammer for end game, this is for someone that wants to cause trouble and fight in battles all server long. This is how I play as gaul and I will continue the guide from here.
Ok so your settlers are ready and you’ve got over 2000CP, you need to decide what your 2nd village will be and where. The area I would settle my next village would be a bit farther away from the center of the map where all the new players are, and the farming grounds are much better but not too far away from my spawn village, 20 squares maybe but no more than that. If I were playing my account alone my 2nd village would be a 5clay then a 15c but as a 24/7 account my next village would be a 15c with at least 50% wheat. This village will be primarily for raiding and I like to call it my raiding hive as it will eventually be filled with a swarm of TT’s. The first thing I do when I settle a new village is to build a townhall and throw a small party A.S.A.P. However in this case it’s more important to get a stable and start producing TT’s. Once you have a few TT’s then build some swords, Now it’s time for the townhall and parties. Eventually this village will serve as a secondary hammer using TT’s, swords and cats. When your 15c is bringing in recourses go back to your spawn village and upgrade the fields. Always make sure you’re parties are going non stop as the next CP target will be 8000. While waiting to get there keep building swords and TT’s as well as upgrading fields and terrorizing the neighborhood. Before too long you’re ready for the 3rd village for me it’s a 5clay possibly for building defense in the future but for now it’s mainly because building upgrades need a lot of clay. Then at some stage I get another 15c with at least 75% oasis for my capital to begin my hammer production. Here’s what my village layout would look like for the next few villages in no particular order;

5clay – defense, building upgrade and feeders (mainly for Cats)
15c capital for hammer storage
4x4x4x6 – pathfinder’s excess iron goes to hammer production village
5iron – hammer feeders
9c – house excess troops and feeders

From here you can take it however you like. This is my normal way of play as a gaul and it works very well for me, keep those parties going and when resources become less of an issue throw big parties. After you’ve settled 8-10 villages conquer the rest.

Hero choice
I referred to this earlier and for me it’s a no brainier, it must be a TT over the Haeduen every time. Firstly for the speed factor and secondly, it’s for the cheaper and quicker for revival and for me this is good because my hero dies every now and then. Here’s the way I distribute my hero points
Level 0 – 5 points offence then when it takes a hit redistribute to 5 on regen then back to 5 offence for the next use
Level 1 – 5 offence and 5 regen
From there I only take offence up to 15 then all points then go to the offensive bonus till it hit 20% then it’s all points to defensive bonus till 20%

Ok so you’ve followed the guide and you’re now a top 100 player. Your now ahead of the pack but don’t for a second think you’re up there with the elite all this say’s is that you know the game and the four principals for success in travian which are
1 Farming
2 Parties
3 Gold
4 Highly Active
The way I see it if you’re still fairly new to the game you’re skill level is possibly intermediate, there are many top 100 players in this skill level and you can tell who they are by their lack of knowledge on advanced moves and their styles of play.




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